Why would the pursuit of Model Answer be a Dead-End?

Why do some people advocate self-learning? In education and learning, the scope of the model is very broad. For self-learning lovers, their incentive may not be completely the same. Nevertheless, one of the view is disagreeing with the examination system.
Darts shoot the default Hearts
Darts shoot the default Hearts

Disagree with the examination system, here are generally the following key points:

  1. Dislike the dependence on the result of one-off examination
  2. Worry that students focus on passing the test rather than knowing the knowledge
  3. Disagree that all academic knowledge can be quantified by scores

Art is subjective, whence science is objective. Even the famous economists and psychologists, etc. , their theories are often contrary to each other, but also both award-winning, not to mention literary works.

Even if it is pure mathematics, if it is limited to the results and ignore the process, I am afraid that can not catch up with the changes of the times. For example, you are requested to describe a method of estimating the height of the building with a protractor. The model answer in textbooks should be using triangular function. But can you think of any other way?
  1. Use the protractor lies against the wall from top to bottom and count the total units of the protractor. Then multiplied by the length of the protractor
  2. Drop the protractor on the roof, measure the time spent until hitting the ground. Then use the gravity force to calculate the height
  3. Measure the length of the building’s shadow and the scale of the protractor on the ground, calculated in proportion
There are variety of methods. Advocate of self-learning, we hope that children can be freed from the framework of any education curriculum. We hope they can find any feasible method to solve their problems.
Language is more of a carrier of right and wrong. Communication, is the conventional tool. Simply in English, we have British English, American English, Aussie English. For our localized Chinglish, there is no reason we should feel ashamed.
I hope our children can soon break out from the “right and wrong” shackle of language, and pay more attention on the content behind these language tools.
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