Pat Pat Lions

Pat Pat Lions Package

Story: One elephant wants to challenge 400 lions! The lions are too sleepy that they need voluntary shepherds to protect them. Be smart and trust your fellows! The safari is on your hands now!

Number of players: 2 to 4
Age: 5 to 99+
Game duration: 30min
Game Design: hinarthur
Illustration: Man Yin

Contents: 4 trucks, 4 trays, 400 cubes, 1 miniature, 1 rulebook, 5 gems, 29 cards, 2 bags, 2 dice

1 Package = 2 Games!!

There are 2 episodes in Pat Pat Lions. This means getting one box and you can enjoy 2 gaming experience.

In episode 1, shepherds design the path of the ranch. Players take turns to drive their trucks on the path and lead the lions back to their sheds. The elephant will interrupt the herding, and so all shepherds need to protect the lions while competing to be the best shepherd.

In episode 2, the elephant evolved! It becomes smarter and wants to shared lions. So the shepherds take turns to divide a group of lions and bring one group back to their sheds. Now they work together to prevent the elephant grabbing any remaining lions.

Rulebook (English)

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