About everXplor

WHY are we here?


There are infinite ways to achieve the same goal. As we live in social groups, individual’s life style is easily affected by the influence of regional culture, historical background, common norms, etc. All these factors influences the initial desire of our hearts. A progressive society should have great tolerance on various living styles. With the explosion of the Internet, knowledge and information have been able to spread ground-breakingly. This era is capable to breed more diversified lifestyles.

WHAT we want to achieve?

Among lifestyle, teaching theory, religions, politics or aesthetic taste, community is easy to form a “universal trend” in various areas. This establishes “common values” of the group. Some people are happy with this value. Some may try to adapt. Some may want to stay away or quit from them. We hope we can be patient in listening to our inner feelings of love and evil, while respecting others styles and measurements. Let’s cherish our personal preferences. Explore our thoughts and desires. Strive to practice and launch our unique way of living.

HOW to achieve our goal?

There exists some people who can honestly carry out their faith and thoroughly enjoy their living style. We insist to explore these wonderful “life practitioners” and record their fragments and footprints. So our ordinary “life seekers” can take reference from their successful implementation. We pay our attention on finding various ways of living, that paves the way for a better future of our world.

WHO we are?

We are a group of like-minded ordinary people. We respect life, love to create. We have expert in graphic design, hand-crafted art, financial planning, multimedia creation, programming, editor, unschooling housewives and so on. Most of us are parents, which also led us to rethink our lives. The role of parent gave us a second chance to step out for adventure again. We enjoy exploring the spirit and wonder of life. We work together to achieve a better future for our world, for our offsprings, and for ourselves.